Soybeans are a legume. They are high in protein and oil, making it a very useful crop for feed for livestock and food for humans. In fact, every 60-pound bushel of soybeans produces 48 pounds of soybean protein meal and 11 pounds of soybean oil. The crop is also useful in replenishing the soil with nitrogen. These benefits drove farmer adoption of the crop.

Soybean (Glycine Max) is an important vegetable oilseed crop. These Organic Soybean Seeds have a wide range of uses, including Geographical Adaptation, Unique Chemical Composition, High Nutritional Value, Functional Health Benefits and Versatile End Uses.

The Soybean has become an important agricultural commodity: Argentina is the biggest Exporter followed by Brazil, United States, China and India.

Soybean is a preeminent for its High Protein (38-45%) and the High Oil Content (20%). Organic Soybean Seeds are processed into soy meal, soy flour and soy oil. Soybean Products do appear in a large variety of processed foods. Soy protein is relatively heat-stable storage protein, enabling Soy Food Products to have high temperature cooking, such as tofu, soymilk and textured vegetable protein (Soy flour).